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Hello LJ [03 Apr 2013|11:42am]
I've been missing you a *lot* lately. Maybe I'll visit more often now. But I tend to get lazy about these things. All I know is, FB has nowhere near your conversational skills, your ability to focus on one thing at a time, or your quiet demeanor.
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[31 Jan 2011|11:05am]
I found out this morning that Jeff Haynie passed away last night. I've known Jeff since my MOC days, which seems like a really long time now. I need to do the math and figure out how long that really is. We also worked together for almost twelve years.

Anyway, I thought there may be folks here on my friends list who remember Jeff from those days, but who may not have kept up with him. The visitation is planned for tomorrow evening at Lord & Stephens in Athens, GA. The funeral is planned for Wednesday, but I don't know where or when yet.
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[26 Jun 2010|10:57am]
It feels like forever since I logged into LJ. I haven't been very talkative lately, and the rare FB comments and links seem to be all I can muster. I haven't done much blog reading lately, either. However, I do think about you guys often. I hope all of you are doing OK!
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[20 Apr 2010|08:52pm]
I don't think the new med (Pristiq) is doing that much good for me. It's only been two weeks, so I'm holding out for a month. Then I see my doc again. I'm better in some ways, but not really more productive at work. Plus it's harder to get out of bed in the morning, I'm more anxious, and a bit irritable. But I do feel "good" in some indefinable way.

Klonopin and wine are my friends. I got my script filled today, and proceeded to wash the first pill down with a chilled glass. I'm pleasantly wobbly now. Don't worry, I'm fine. Only a 1 mg dose, and Pat is here with me. No "Less Than Zero" situations here. Or SLC Punk for that matter. Saw that recently, and liked it, BTW. Not good enough to "love" it, but it was fun.

Pat has been tasked with downloading either the first ep of Treme (no luck yet) or my favorite Farscape ep (found, but only with French subtitles). Sad. So we are settling for Eureka.
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Think Track Schedule taking shape [08 Mar 2010|11:19pm]
OK, Think Track presenter folks who are on my friends list...or cyber stalking me...whatever...

There are days, times, and rooms for most of the Think Track classes. If you are a presenter, please take a look and let me know if there's anything wrong with your particular schedule. We tried to accommodate everyone, and I think we have succeeded for the most part. (Yeah, it was Beth and possibly Shelli doing that origami. I had the easy part of just sending it in.)

If you are an attendee, please keep in mind that some things may change over the next couple of days. So don't assume it's set in stone just yet. We may have to move something.

I'll email my presenters tomorrow as well, just to catch folks who aren't on LJ. But I've been in class or in traffic all day today, and I'll have to do the same tomorrow. So it will be tomorrow evening before I can focus on this.
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[05 Mar 2010|10:33am]
Haha. It's possible that I've scheduled too many Think Track presentations for Frolicon. No worries, though. We will shoehorn them in somehow.

You have to admit that's a pretty kickass list. If you are bored at the con, it's your own damn fault.
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[03 Mar 2010|03:43pm]
Cruising Craigslist looking for possible replacements for my dead (again) Civic. Ouch, it's painful. I'm not the world's best writer, but damn. Here is an example of what's killing me.

"i have a 1995 Honda Prelude Si it has coilovers stock rims it is a 5 speed stage 1 clutch runs great but i need to trade it or sale it i would love to trade for a 5 speed 4dr car or an ext cab truck full size i just had a baby and need something bigger but you can offer away and i will look at all offers send me pics to my email Hxxx5@yahoo.com and ask questions and put the subject (prelude 95) or you can send pics to my phone and text me and if you call and i dont answer leave a message and i will call you back when i get a chance but texting is the best way to get in touch with me (678)630-xxxx please NO SCAMMERS SPAM AND I DO NOT NEED HELP SELLING MY CAR SO DONT ASK please offer away and i do have a price in mind that i want to get out of it but just offer away and we can go from there thanks"

Punctuation! Please! I can hear your voice in my head, and the fact that you didn't pause to take a breath is very disturbing to me.
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For my fox loving friends [26 Feb 2010|01:41pm]
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for my unemployed and underemployed friends [11 Feb 2010|11:19am]
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xposted to FB [06 Feb 2010|01:58pm]
This thesis about female werewolves and gender is an example of the kind of geeky academic stuff I would like to have at Frolicon. We have a sprinkling of these kind of presentations, but I really want more. (MOAR!) The problem is, I don't know how to find *local* academics who are studying this kind of thing. I'm fair...ly certain there is some geeky, fannish, academiac network of folks out there, and I need to get plugged into it somehow and introduce myself to the Atlanta area members. Any ideas? Leads? Anything?
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[17 Dec 2009|02:33pm]
Santa Rampage: Athens Edition has been shelved for this year. (Unless someone we don't know about is doing it.) But we *will* be doing this next year! This means you have an *entire year* to get your Santa costume together! (Or elf, or reindeer, or whatever. Lissa says some Jewish friends of hers showed up dressed as a dreidel and a menorah, so no faith based excuses!)

One year. You can do it.
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[12 Dec 2009|10:06pm]
Would any of you Athenians be interested in doing our own version of Santa Rampage this year? In case you aren't familiar with this tradition, it's when a bunch of people dress up like Santa and go bar hopping. There are rules, hilarious rules, which I'll post for you if there is interest *and* if the Atlanta Santa Rampage folks don't mind. We would be doing this on Saturday, Dec. 18th. Are you guys in?
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[11 Dec 2009|11:09pm]
Painted Lady Fingers is giving away some lovely nail polish from Diamond, too. If you like nail polish, or like someone who likes nail polish, you should check this out, too.

Actually, this is the mani I really like. Her nails are a bit longer than I like to wear mine, but the color is awesome.

OK, tipsy now and the dogs have gone to bed without me.
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[11 Dec 2009|11:00pm]
Stockingsaddict is giving away a fabulous piece of Kiss Me Deadly lingerie. I have several items from this company, and it's all fabulous. You should go check it out. :-)
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[13 Nov 2009|05:12pm]
Actual "work" work stuff is done, except for timekeeping. I'm going to do that on Sunday, from the comfort of my own home. Hopefully, my boss and my work partner won't have any issues while I'm gone.

I'm quite happy with my current job, BTW.

Now I need to pack for the weekend, and do some Frolicon planning. Because, there's like, a meeting tomorrow, and stuff.
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[13 Nov 2009|10:01am]
Too many things to do and feeling stressed about getting them all done.

There, I've announced it to the world. Let's see if it helps any. :-)
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[04 Nov 2009|01:29pm]
At lunch today, I discovered how the dogs got out. There is an entire slat missing from my fence. AN ENTIRE SLAT. And it appears to have been clawed and chewed through. YES, CHEWED THROUGH. As in, everything between the top support beam (I guess) and the bottom is gone, and there are raggedy edges, and a bit of fence just lying there. There are claw marks on the adjacent slat, and some clawing and chewing on a couple of others farther away.

Something lives in the trees just on the other side of that slat. Something that the dogs want desperately, apparently. The hole was big enough for Lucy, GG, or perhaps even a very small llama to crawl through. OK, maybe not a full grown llama. But a baby llama? No problem.

I'm so not handy. I'm going to have to hire someone to fix it. And I think I need to attach some kind of screen or chicken wire to the outside of the fence on that side as an extra barrier.

If the city would just allow chain link in the front yard, I wouldn't be having this problem. Stupid city and their frivolous ordinances. :-(
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[04 Nov 2009|09:28am]
Dogs got out of the fence and were missing for more than an hour this morning. I think I'm calm now.

I'm going to trade them in for a llama.
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[04 Nov 2009|12:50am]
I feel myself entering a downswing. For the past few days, I've been in that fog that I hate so much. I sort of "wake up" once in a while and realize I've been zoned out for hours. Not good. I've been sad more than happy, and I'm anxious and unable to sleep tonight. I just took some herbal stuff for that, so maybe it will kick in soon. Tomorrow will be an adderall day, and maybe the day after. And then I'll crash for a day or two afterward. I keep that remedy to once or twice a week at most, usually less.

I need to be more vigilant about taking my meds. I'm good about my morning dose, but sometimes forget my evening dose. So I'm going to be extra careful for the next couple of weeks to see if that's the problem.

My journal entries are so boring! But thank you for reading them, if you do read them. It makes me feel better to put this stuff out there, even if there's nothing interesting or profound or funny about it.

I realized tonight, while tossing and turning in bed, than drama filled relationships are a lot like those vortex wheels you find in haunted houses. It's all spinny inside, and it's difficult to stand upright. But up is still up, and down is still down, and there's solid flooring right outside the wheel. But that knowledge doesn't change anything while you are still *in* the wheel. :-)
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[02 Nov 2009|04:44pm]
So, I was doing some googling and found this thread about sexist advertising here. And there are some posts here with legitimate gripes about sexism in advertising. Meanwhile, over on the right hand side of the page, there is a "Frisky Poll" asking the readers how slutty their Halloween costumes were this year. And the poll seems kind of sexist, because the only options appear to be "more cute than slutty", "standard sexy", "quirky slutty", "literally slutty", and "didn't dress up". Nothing at all for "I dressed up and it wasn't slutty", or "it was kind of sexy but that wasn't the point." And that doesn't really bother me much. What *bothers* me is seeing both of these things on the same page. It makes my head hurt.
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