T_Rex (t_rex) wrote,

Hello LJ

I've been missing you a *lot* lately. Maybe I'll visit more often now. But I tend to get lazy about these things. All I know is, FB has nowhere near your conversational skills, your ability to focus on one thing at a time, or your quiet demeanor.
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I agree Lj just seems more like an old comfy coat or flannel. it also keeps things more intimate in my mind.
I never stopped liking LJ, though I did post rather less frequently. However, over the past few months I've been making a real effort to post a bit more frequently. I also have friends who post here and don't post on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

We missed you at Frolicon!
LJ has never been about how many times you post.
That is what things like FB and Twitter are for, and that's why people got confused and upset about LJ years ago.

LJ has always been about posting something of substance that your friends can read at their leisure, and then the conversations, if necessary, that ensue afterwords. Don't think about having to post every minute detail of your existence, save that information in your head and then come to LJ and write something interesting you learned about it...
And for the on-line hugs
Agreed, though I believe that informing friends of the shenanigans and goings-on in my life is substantial posting. If many weeks go by without me posting anything, then there's been some substance I haven't shared with readers who might be interested. It's not so much "a week's passed and I haven't posted" but rather "interesting stuff happened and I haven't let anyone know for a while."
Really missed you this past weekend...
What boymeat said...missed you at con...but glad to see you here :)...
Welcome back!
Hiya Chica! *mwah*

FB is for polite stuff. LJ is for the dirty life stuff.

And security is SO much easier to control here.
We miss you !!!
Hiya! I'm trying to be back here more too. FB is all chatter and I never feel like the real conversations that used to happen here are even possible on fb.

I havent seen you for ages! (Ya know, in real life)